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Fashion is not only limited to women or Fashion is not exists in dresses only, Fashion has very wide ranges for women's but for men its limited.In the surge of trends Clothing focus to call new fashion in their last posts.We understand the importance of ethnic wear, Therefore we have brought designer shirts 2013 especially designed for casual and official wear.The collection of graceful shirts nourished with different stuff.These dress shirts designs collection has more than 13 colors in its range.Every Shirt has focus designs like spread collar, short sleeves, buttons closure, two flap pockets on chest, pin striped design and some has stylized neckline, contrast details on pockets and collar.Slim fit  shirt stitching add a cool and stylish look when you wear these contrast detail shirt.
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 Latest Contrast Detail Shirt
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Crosia Designs Kurtis | Knitted Kurtis | Krosha Work

Croatia or Krosha Work is a prestigious handicraft which is made from yarn thread.The word " Crosia " derived from a french work That means hooks that is why Crosia Designs also known as Hook craft.Crocheting is same like knitting because in Crochet craft we also pull loops from other loops, additionally we put beads in loops of Crosia hooks as comparable to knitting.Basically Crosia evolved in Iran, China and South America and according to some resources Europe too during the 19th the end of Victorian era crochet fashion has seen clear changed.strong Victorian colours disappeared and new addition of white or pale threads were popular.while crochet patterns are presented contains simplified versions, but after the world war 2 there was many  imaginative crochet designs published for colorful doilies in the United States, that made from thicker yarn threads and included wonderful variegated colors.Although Krosha Work underwent a subsequent reduction in popularity, but in 21st century again popularity graph goes up due to deep interest in handicrafts.This is the Short history of " Krosha Work " or " Crochet ". Now let have a look on Clothing's latest publication that includes Crosia Designs Kurtis that has Krosha Work on the Bottom part of Kurti, Neck and Sleeves.These Knitted Kurtis designed on Soft and light color schemes like Yellow and White fabric that has dot prints and smaller prints.These Knitted  Krosha Work Kurtis featuring Crochet embroidery along with silk strips detailing and gathering style stitching.Hope this collection win your heart and again force you to go with handcrafted kurtis.
Crosia Designs Kurtis collection 2013

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Viviana Cosmetics | Viviana Cosmetics Products for Beauty

There are many backbone Cosmetic brand in beauty market and makeup industry.after a research of beauty market Clothing discovers a great consumer behavior , Consumer not only tracking in retail market that what is selling, where and why and what is the price.This tenure brought lots of particular changes in beauty industry now people consult with beauty experts for looks and enhance there features and who they don't afford beauty experts they try to buy only products.Every month many new make-up brands hitting the industry but Old is Gold.Viviana Cosmetics is India base makeup brand working over three decades, after hard experience they endeavour to become part of success story of beauty.Recently they have been launched many Products for Beauty in very affordable price.These Beauty products are very good in quality and give you long lasting work.This Collection include Nail polish, Lip-sticks, Jumbo Pencil With Sharpener, Lip Gloss and Pressed Powder that are basic feature enhancers.lets pick a Item and buy here.

Kurti with Leggings Suits | Indian Tunic and Leggings Dresses 2013

Kurti with Leggings Suits is style of the year of south Asian countries, especially hip length kurtis / tunics with embroidery has huge demand and usually hem tunics dress with leggings to show off the leggings look more pretty.The great thing which made more popular to kurti with legging is  its handicrafts, Color and fabric decoration make fashion statement.Leggings are fitted to cover legs and available on Lycra, polyester, nylon and spandex.Therefore Clothing  has brought Indian Tunic and Leggings collection because if we pair together then output will be a comfortable outfit, aye-catchy option for personality.These Tunics has intricate handicrafts on shoulder, chest, neck-lines, and left part of shirt under the waist. Plain but contrasted leggings are combined with these Kurti with Leggings Suits.So stay in step with new style and lively and soothing two words describe the whole tunics and legging collection very well.Lets have a look these charming kurtis legging dresses because it add elegance to you daily wear so pick a one for chic and trendy look.
Indian Tunic and Leggings Collection 2013-14

Embroidered Kurti with Leggings dress
 Handcrafted Kurti with Leggings
 Tailor made Tunic and Leggings with motifs
 Indian Tunic and Leggings Dress
 Latest Indian Kurti and Leggings Dress
 Ready to Wear Indian Tunic and Leggings
 Casual Indian Tunic and Leggings

 Fancy Kurti and legging Collection
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 Indian kurti legging 2013

EthnicRoute launched in 2011 by Unnati Gupta after completing her master degree from England.She realize that many noted brands turned back the importers eyes towards India's clothing industry, Because no one compete the traditional designs, craftsmanship and skills of artisans because they fetch elegant hand-work crafts like beads work, Dubka work, mukesh embroidery and many other crafts.Therefore she decided to launch a prominent platform for thriving Indian fashion industry.Unnati Gupta brought a ethnic route boutique idea to bring step closer to the people to their roots and cultural get aware with the aspects of online business. She connected with e-commerce companies and then a impetus Indian traditional wear for women has been thrilled the fashion industry.Now is very famous fashion website that give worldwide access to shoppers and provide high-end Indian fashion in a click of fingertip.Ethnic route has great collaborative relations between the customer and designer and every piece of dress reflect the talent, passion and craftsmanship in designs and cuts.So if you are a dynamic women and desire to look attractive so choose a Ethnic route Designer Lehenga, Saree, Anarakali of Kurtis with legging style according to your taste.

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