Service Shoes Collection 2013 For Ladies | Service Footwear Eid Collection for Girls

Clothing Today brought Service Eid Collection of Shoes for nearest event of Eid.In Pakistan there are nomerous Footwear brands but some brands like Bata and Service reserved special place in market, The Soul and Sandals Designs always attract buyers.Due to creativity is mark, and strong position in fashion world we have Service Shoes range for ladies with us.For This Eid Festival Service shoes forwarded keen sense in footwear trend in the format of Pumpy, sandals and Sleepers to make a strong footprint in local and international market.This Eid Girls can shine with Great designs of Services shoes contains in Service Footwear Eid Collection for Girls 2013.This Eid Shoes Mela officially tagged as "Service Eid for Everyone, Shoes for Everyone". So hurry up and Find your nearest store location to get a pair of ladies Shoes for this Eid.Here disclosed All the images that has price details so choose a sandal that comes under your Eid budget.These prices are subject to change because Service offer 50% Discount rates for Eid on outlets so visit nearest store to get discount price.

 Pakistani Pumpy Shoes 2013

 Casual Fancy Shoes

Classic Flat Shoes

Fancy Flat Shoes

Casual Flat Sandal

Fancy High Shoes

Service Formal Flat Shoes

Service Casual Flat Sandal

Stone Work Sandal

Formal High Shoes by Service

Eid exclusive collections of footwear

Service Eid Collection of Shoes

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