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Kaftan / Jalabiya is very famous dress in various cultures. History shows us; that  Persian, Ottoman, Moroccan, West African, Russian, Jewish and Southeast Asian people had worn the dress widely, therefore Kaftan and Jalabiya fashion has been associated with Muslim culture. As the old Jalabiyas are out from fashion and now massive designs and dozen of style of Kaftan Dresses are available with appealing taste unlike the traditional kaftans. So today we have brought a Pary Wear Jalabiya Kaftan Collection 2014, in these Jalabiyas, designer has implemented the regional styles in cuts with modern variations. Kaftan Dresses has contains long ankle length patterns, rectangle shape and collar necklines with flowy effects. To make the perfect party dresses; fashion designer has enriched the conventional embroideries in modern styles further garnish with luxury elements. The maker of New Jalabiya Fashion was very caring while designing session, therefore he hasn't gone for major changes and just brought a fancy variation through embroidery designs. These Jalabiya Kaftan Designs has been nourished with tailoring techniques too and you can see a piping around the all edges of Kaftan. Moreover the fancy crafts has poured a alluring and dazzling touch in Arabian dresses 2013, let have a look...

Fancy Party Wear Kaftan Dresses

Blue Kaftan Dresses with Golden Embroidery

Formal Russian Jalabiya Fashion

Pink and Red Luxury Jalabiya Designs

Bridal Wear Kaftan Designs 2014

New Jalabiya Fashion for Brides

Black and Red Contrast Jalabiya
Persian Fancy Kaftan Designs

West African Gold and Black Fancy Kaftan

Favorite Kaftan Dresses of Girls

Arabian Kaftan Designs 2014

Ottoman Kaftan Jalabiya Styles

Southeast Asian Jalabiya Kaftan Fashion

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  1. Read your blog and get beautiful every images with design for long kaftan style party wear salwar suits best collection. Thanks!



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