Amna Ismail Semi Stitched Lawn Catalogue 2014 | Embroidery | Chiffon | Prints

Welcome readers, today we are going to introduce Amna Ismail; Who is Launching her Semi Stitched Lawn Collection by Amna Ismail with alliance of Zoha International on 5th April 2014. This is the time! when spring summer collections has dominated the wardrobes; and In the initial month many old and emerging fashion labels has presented Lawn Prints | Chiffon | Swiss Voile | Embroidery collection to become the core focus. So  Amna Ismail has also jumped in fashion industry with debut Lawn Collection 2014. As the Pakistani fashion industry has greater capacity to welcome the emerging brands So Amna Ismail has also welcomed with greetings. First Edition of Semi Stitched Lawn Catalogue is praise-worthy; because- designer has put a great efforts to bring mind blowing lawn chiffon embroidery designs. The lawn by Aman Ismail comprises the demand of luxury style, subtleness of the season and all the key colors for sartorial chambers. Zoha International has shown SWM embroidery and floral epiphany on a symbolic patterns to show you variations of lawn by using all basic designs element. And most important thing that output is according to the thoughts, Yes a smart casual wear that rule in fashion with quality, ethnicity, glamour and trendy. Amna Ismail Semi Stitched Lawn 2014 gives you a stylish Embroidery Chiffon lawn Prints in 2,675 prices in 3 piece suits format. So meet with traditions; blossom with floral prints, look lux with SWM embroidery and feel the difference by wearing Amna Ismail Semi Stitched Embroidery Chiffon Prints 2014.

Amna Ismail Semi Stitched Debut Lawn 2014

Spring-Summer Stitched Lawn Suits

Lawn Embroidery | Chiffon | Prints

Amna Ismail Semi Stitched Chiffon Prints

Amna-Ismail Semi Stitched Lawn 2014 Catalogue
 Amna Ismail Semi Stitched Lawn Magazine 2014

Embroidered Lawn Shirt With Printed Chiffon Dubatta

Amna Ismail Lawn Prints

Printed Lawn Dresses

Amna Ismail Designed Semi Stitched Suits

Zoha International Semi Stitched Lawn'14
3 Piece Lawn Dresses

Embroidery Chiffon Prints

Lawn Shirt With Chiffon Dubatta

Semi Stitched Lawn Collection 2014

Semi Stitched Lawn Embroidery Chiffon Prints

Zoha chiffon prints

Semi Stitched Lawn 2014-15 By Amna Ismail

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