How to Take Measurement From Stitched Shirt - Lesson-2

This is our second class of sewing and cutting, now we tell you how to take measurement from stitches kameez, because measurement has basic importance in sewing.If you take measurement correctly then best result come in cutting and you easily perfect design.Cutting totally depends on size chart so give full attention while measuring so it could be possible to cut fabric in right style.
We have 13 measuring point for a kameez of girl.Follow me to know about the measurements.
Here we are telling you to take measurement from already stitched shirt.
1- first we take neck to bust length, to know what is neck to bust measurement check picture-1 points 1 / 2.
2- Now take neck to waist length which is drawn from point 1 to 3.
3- Take neck to hip length as third step, it is mentioned through points 1-to-4.
4- As a fourth step we measure neck to border that can be seen in image 1 from point 1 to 7.
5- Now we take across back measurement that is mentioned with points 6 and 7.
6- Here we take chest measurement that can be find in image -2 with points 8 to 9.
7- As seventh step we take bust measurement that defined with points 10 and 11.
8- Now go for waist measurement for more guidance check image 2 point 12 and 13.
9- Time to take hip measurement for instance check points 14 and 15.
10- Now look for border measurement point 16 and 17 and take according it.
11- Now the turn of sleeves take sleeves length shown with points 18 and 19.
12- Second last measurement is wrist size shown with no 20.
13- Now last measurement of arm hole can be seen in picture-2 with no 21.
in next class we teach you how to take salwar measurement.If you missed Class-1 then jump in lesson 1 by clicking the link.For more instance we shared snaps have a look on it and we mentioned in urdu too. 

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