Short Kurti Churidar 2013-14 | Choori Pajama with Short Shirts Styles

Churidar or Choori Pajama is a type of bottom wear in place of Salwar, Choridar pajama  worn by South Asian men and women. Chori trouser was very famous in Mughal era, It has tightly fitted pattern. Mostly girls wear it with anarkali dress, frocks or long shirt but this tenure brought a change so now it is very popular trend with short shirts or Kurtis.The churidar trend is migrated with Indians, in the earliest time Pakistani Punjabi families use to wear it and later other communities also adopted due to royalty and richness.Different eras brought changes to the cuts and designs of Choori Pajama like now a days ready made gathering developed trousers are also available.These readymade pajamas are made with stretchable fabric and gathering settled with elastic or " Smoking "  detailed work.Since these are considered an integral part of Pakistani culture therefore Clothing has brought essential piece of occasional wear in today's presentation.These Churidar collection 2013 has been combined with Short Kurti shirts.all the Chori-dar dress are made with cotton fabric, Shirts are detailed with Prints, embroidery, satin pati and lace stuffin, but the Choori Pajama are plain.Long and funky chiffon duppata are adding the look so let check out the Short Kurti Churidar Collection 2013-14.

Printed Choori Pajama 2013
Choori trouser 2013-2014
Short Shirts Kurti Churidar
Choori Pajama with Short Shirts
Ready-made Churi-Pajama
Churidar Ready-made Shirt
Short Shirts with Choridar Trouser
Colorful Choori Pajama dress
Anarkali Shirt Choori Pajama
Royal Short Kurti Churidar
Cultural Choridar Design
Designer Churidar 2013
Kurti with Churi-Pajama
Traditional Indian Choori Pajama
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