Nishat Linen Pret Collection 2014 | Nishat Linen Summer Pret Catalogue 2014

Today Nishat Linen has joined the summer infinite glamour by launching exclusive Nishat Pret Collection 2014. Nishat has brought the 10 amazing ready made patterns in Nishat Linen Summer Pret Catalogue 2014. The Prints which has been presented in Nishat pret 2014 are Multani Range, Trible Fusion, Simply Denim, Melange, Tangled Threadz, Digital Basics, Garland Collection, Simply Classics, Abstracts, Twill play Basic. NishatLinen Pret range is the combination of most trendy prints, rich fabric and chic embellishments. So it comes with the sunshine and the great burst of leaves growing on the trees, just as loves grows with conviction. It is like a beginning of life all over. You get to see the most beautiful colors budding from every branch and the sweet aromas packed in little packets of flowers. This summer Nishat collection 2014 brings you yet another beginning because nishat linen has extracted the best of what surrounds us to hold your breath and charge you energies for the new and the exclusive Pret spring / summer ready to wear collection 2014-15. Nishat Linen has exclusively launched its Nishat Linen Pret Catalogue for Spring / Summer 2014-15. In this Nishat summer collection, Nishat has brought colorful classical prints dresses for girls.

Nishat Linen Pret Collection 2104-2015

Nishat Linen Pret Dresses 2014

Nishat Linen presented the great Multani range in Nishat pret dresses, from the land of the spirituality nishat has brought the patterns of Sufism and the shapes of the unknown feelings. The colors speaks the languages of soberness and the silhouettes play the games of mind.In tribal Fusion Nishat blended traditions, a tribe is a bond, An attachment of customs and colors, the dance moves of designs and the drum beats of the festivity are fused together. Nishat has captures the ethnic gala this summer season. Another great edition of Nishat Linen Pret Collection 2014-15 is Simply Denim, Because denim is forever! Denim was invented when all else failed. So when there is nothing fashionable enough, denim is the ultimate liberator. The blue takes the blues away and bring our pure trend declaration. Melange is one of the best Nishat Summer trend 2014, Nothing works best but the combination of all the superb ingredients. The prints the stripes, the texture and the simplicity stitched in the most fashionable way possible. Nishat Melange is the new trend for your fine persona bring chic look in you.

Nishat Pret Multani Range 2014

Nishat Linen Summer Lawn Prints

Nishat Linen Trible Fusion Prints

Nishat Pret Dresses

Simply Denim 2014

Nishta linen brings Tangled Threadz matted together with the palette of cool colors and the classic patterns, the knotted traditional designs are worth a praise, admire the tangled. In Nishat Pret Dresses 2014 for Spring Summer includes Digital Basics, another new digital collection with exclusive designs depicted in borders and stylize with the basic prints to entertain your wardrobe. For the charming spring and hot summer garland collection in ready to wear 2014 the the combination of colors of nature life and the softness of petals brings out the most soft side of nature. Walking through the beds of flowers and listening to the sweet sings of the most beautiful birds make our spirit bloom. This season romanticize your closet with Nishat Lawn Floral prints of Pret.

Nishat Linen Melange Pret Collection 2014

Nishat Linen Ready-Made Dresses

Tangled Threadz by Nishat

Pret Dresses by Nishat Linen

Nishat Embroidered Dresses in Pret Catalogue

NishatLinen Pret Collection 2104 contains simply classic prints in threads woven together are bounds to make the most astounding patterns. The touch of the traditional embroidery on the bed of the finest fabric is like a love song. melodious and sweet pure richness. Nishat Linen Abstracts prints bounds to follow nishat instinct. The abstracts hinder but the lines guide us. So this season nishat has fused lines and abstracts together where lines leads and abstracts follow. Nishat Linen Twill play Basic range for summer is characterized by diagonal folds, created by the regular interlacing of thread wrap and weft weaving. A design woven in such a pattern can play wonders.

Summer Pret Catalogue 2014

Nishat Linen Thread Crafted Dresses

Lawn Prints With Thread Embroidery Designs

Nishat Linen Summer Digital Basics 2014

Digital Printed Dresses in Pret 2014 Magazine

Nishat Linen Garland Collection for Summer 2014

Nishat Linen Summer Designs 2014/2015

Nishat Linen Spring / Summer Pret Prints

Pret Simply Classics by NishatLinen

Nishat Linen Pret Dresses

Nishat Linen Twill Play Basic Dresses
Nishat Straight Lawn Shirts

Nishat Linen Spring Summer Lawn Collection 2014

Nishat Linen Kurti and Legging Suits

Nishat Linen Front Open and Long Shirts for Summer

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