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Feel Fresh with nisha Lawn Prints! Yes few hours ago Nishat linen has launched two elegant spring summer collections 2014, 1- Nishat Pret 2014 and 2- Nishat Summer lawn 2014. Here is a summer smile that shines over a million miles of spring is nothing out pleasure in abundance! Since Nishat linen is up for contemporary trends and tastes so a cup of rich dynasty. A spoon full of neckline prints. With a dash of greens and a pinch of dazzling blues bring out the most terrific textiles of the blooming summer. For spring / summer 2014 Nishat linen has brought the nine stunning patterns in Volume-1 lawn prints. Exclusive Nishat Linen Summer Collection 2014 contains on Pattern Play, Thinking Fashion, Pop-up Look, Go green, Terrific Textiles, Blooming Summer, Rich Dynasty, Dazzling Blue, Cool Hues prints. Nisha Lawn Prints by Nishat has revealed the great philosophy of designing comprises on natural patterns for hottest summer  would captivate your minds. The pop up lock on top compliments the pattern play decor which ultimately brings out the coolest of hues. Nishat has unfolds summer collection 2014 so indulge yourself in special summer spice and everlasting prints.

Nishat Linen Summer Lawn Prints 2014-2015

Nishat Linen Spring / Summer Collection 2014-15

Nishat Summer Pattern Play Prints
Nishat Linen has brought a huge variety of patterns and Pattern play is first part of Summer collection 2014. In Pattern play nishat has presented a combination of interesting and play-full patterns of happiness and joy. Geometric designs and modern prints are part of summer elegance. Nishat offer prints hat simply showcase the aesthetics and patterns that make us dynamic. Its Nishat's new venture to present that make us signature piece of every age taste of lawn, Voil, Charmouse, Chiffon. Nishat Linen has brought another stunning range of summer print entitles as" Thinking Fashion". The summer wardrobe favorite gets a new spin as an integral part of Nisha summer prints in exciting new collection with the emphasis on necklines. You certainly don't want to miss out on the most irresistible temptations. Nishat ethnic adornment offers fascinating designs with attractive color schemes and diversity of design in fabrication of dupatta on Lawn, Ruffle, Chiffon.

Nishat Linen Summer 2014 Collection

Thinking Fashion Summer Dresses 2014
Nishat summer  prints in Nisha has brought again the 60's polka dots, This pop up look collection comprises variety of exquisite designs and floral attraction merged with polka dots, youthful yet timeless look. Enjoy the popup look with exclusive nisha spring summer 2014 collection consisting of an array of filled circle. Nishat Linen has continued the summer catalogue with contemporary trends and introduced contemporary dresses to cater your youth with the collection of designs inspired by modern designs bold lawn prints, striking color combination with the variation in sizes is what makes this range special. its nothing but just Nishat instinct because Nishat know you have sense of styling uniquely.

Latest Summer Fashion Trend in 2014-15

Short Shirt with Pencil-Pajama

Nisha Lawn Prints 2014

Floral Designs of Lawn
NISHAT LINEN summer journey has thrown the popular go green as refreshing as it sounds, Nishat Linen Designs of summer surely grab your attention with harmony of the color itself; Green. These indicate as stagnation of vivid prints gloriously diversified in shades, shapes and texture with the energetic source of fashion. Terrific Textiles offering statement summer dresses with the distinctive features of textile patterns and details. This Terrific collection  comprises of delectable prints with rich textile motifs and details. Also, Nisha brings out brightly colored and leafy patterns and damask motifs to upgrade your summer closet with the beauty of rich lawn designs.

Nishat Summer Casual Shirt with Seedha Pajama

Sumner A-line Shirts Designs by Nisha
Nishat Linen Summer Salwar Kameez 2014

Nisha Printed Long Shirt with Pencil Trouser
Lawn and Chiffon Dresses for Summer
Floral legacy continues with blooming summer! Floral borders, flower shadows that overlap blossoms with melange of designs patterns. From light summery huses to pulsating color mixes to pull out the season's latest collection in Nishat 2014. Rich Dynasty is a rich spirit depicts existence, a rich smile reveals contentment. It's time to rule! These Lawn prints 2014 are inspired by the reign of unforgettable eras, the renaissance and the Islamic dynasty. Nishat Rich dynasty is an amalgamation of historic motifs and patterns treated in modern manners.
Nisha Summer Collection 2014/2015
Nishat-Linen Summer Designs

Summer Collection 2014 by Nishat Linen
Party Wear Nisha Linen Dresses

Traditional Fashion of linen Shirt
Elegant Linen Fashion

2014 Designs of Nishat Linen

Nisha prints

Glamorous Nisha Lawn Prints

Nisha Summer Dresses

Pick your style and embrace the world with grace subtlety for those of you looking to adorn fineness and softness. Nishat Offers dazzling blue Summer pret dresses that depicts serene and essentially soothing prints for you, The dazzling blue by Nisha brings out the flaunting impact of the color: blue. The color dominance of blue enhances the calmness in these summer prints. Another fine example of nishat best Dresses 2014 is Cool Hues, The inspiration of whispers of most sweetest song of life in ears, That's when tinge of softness touches your heart deep inside, The coolness of harmony entangles with serenity and nishat makes sure you experience the coolness of those hues.

2014 Prints of Nishat Linen
Linen Floral Neckline and Floral Print Shirts

Elegant Linen Shirt with Capri Trouser
Floral Front and plain back Shirt

Short Nisha Shirts in Light Color

Latest Linen Fashion

Nishat-Linen Summer/Spring Lawn 2014

Traditional Fashion of linen Shirt

Modern Lawn Prints

Party Wear Nisha Linen Dresses

Summer Dresses 2014 by Nishat Linen

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