Printed Abaya Fashion 2014 | Digital Colored Abaya Collection | Chic Abaya Dresses 2014-2015

There is no match of Pakistani citizens in creativity, They knew well; that- how should use the modern equipments, arts and technologies to make innovative products. As the Pakistanis has shown their abilities in other disciplines as well in the fashion industry Pakistani designers are excellently representing on global horizon. And this Abaya Collection 2014 is the affirmation of strength of Pakistani clothing sector and capability of Pakistani fashion designers. To bring modernity in abaya fashion 2014, Pakistani abaya makers has introduced first time digital printing technique. Earlier digital printing art has been widely used on casual wear, formal and semi formal dress, but on Abaya Dresses it is quite unique and creative concept. In Digital Colored Abaya Collection adorable and chic style of middle east has been selected for structure and chiffon / silk fibers cloth has been used with wavy tailoring. Abaya Designer has poured skillful digital printing on necklines and sleeves with contrast shades of silver, golden, sea green, blue and yellow on black dyed abayas. For Printing, tiger inspired, diamond shapes, unfilled dots with outline and nature influenced patterns has been selected for Chic Abaya Dresses 2014-2015. In Abaya styles Printed Abaya Fashion 2014 would be a luxury fantasy; which gives you grace, elegance and sophistication in a single robe. Let's have a look on Printed Abaya Dresses 2014 and Do not forget to comment us and subscribing the Clothing Blog. Stay tuned stay updated.

Digital Printed Abaya Fashion 2014

Digital Colored Abaya Dress

 Digital Embroidered Abaya

 Chic Abaya Dresses in Pakistan

Abaya in Luxury Styles

 Printed Abaya Dresses 2014

 Tiger Printed Colorful Abaya

Front Open Digital Colored Abayas

Black Abaya Fashion-14

 Frilly Work Chic Abaya 2014

Printed Abaya Dress with Frills Style

Double Abayas

Colorful Abaya with Digital Print Fashion

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