Zainab Salman Collection 2014 | Zainab Salman Designer Lawn Pret Collection 2014

Zainab Salman a top-notch dressmaker, queen of clothing market, master of pret dresses born in Pakistan. Being a lady dress designer she has creative mind, great fusion of sophistication, innovative style therefore she offer euphoria of highly developed evergreen clothes. Few days ago Pakistani designer has released its designer collection with the name of Zainab Salman Lawn Collection 2014 or Lawn Pret 2014, but actually this collection contains Lawn, Swiss Voile as well Silk prints in stitched dresses. Basically the Designer Lawn Pret is timelessly à la mode and feminine with an amalgamation exclusive prints and best craftsmanship of Zainab salman. Zainab Salman summer lawn collection 2014 creations has been made with the philosophy of royalty, richness and grace; emanate - these are essential elements of fashion 2014. Zainab Salman Pret Collection 2014 gives you the most stylish opportunity of lawn, silk and swiss voile prints this summer season.
Zainab Salman Designer Lawn Pret Dresses would enhance your personal style as well brings glamour, comfort with modern age designs, because - the creative inspiration of prints has been influenced with very popular “Florentine” structure , Duomo of Florence to add impeccable Renaissance architecture in today's world. Blue and White shade dress is inspired with Sultanahmet Mosque in Istanbul; which also known as blue mosque. So blue pret dress Zainab Salman has taken inspiration from blue tiles adorned on walls of mosque to bring exquisite prints. The Moroccan coat structure based on floral border and traditional Moroccan patterns. Ottoman Gold Print has influenced with the aesthetic of popular Ottoman architecture of Dolmabahce palace. the last Jacquard Rose designs is the blend of roses prints. Here we have shared the hidden secrets of Zainab Salman Pret Lawn, Swiss Voile & Silk Collection 2014, for more information have a look.

Zainab Salman Silk / Lawn / Swiss Voile Pret 2014

Zainab Salman Sumner Dresses

Moroccan coat in Designer Lawn Pret 2014

Zainab Salman Lawn Collection 2014

Florentine Print on Pret Lawn 2014

Ottoman Gold Designs on Zainab Salman Designer Lawn

Jacquard Rose Embroidered Lawn

Sultanahmet Lawn Pret Collection 2014

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