Lala Lawn Collection 2014-2015 | Lala Classic Crinkle / Blossom -14 Vol-1

Let's blossom your wardrobe? Thinking How? Well with Lala Lawn Collection 2014, we wants to fragrance your summer season 2014 closet. Today Lala has released two strong flavor collections of lawn with the aroma of chiffon, crinkle and lawn fabrics. Lala Textiles has newly introduced the labels of Classic Lawn and Blossom Lawn  for summer due to the large demand of chiffon made clothes in a classic designs. Lawn LAWN 2014 is really praiseworthy; because - designer has brought the admirable designs and unique patterns of vintage lawn with appealing style to dazzle the local and international market. The versatility of fabrics has played key role in the beauty with prints; as well the traditional stitching has enhanced the every aspect of Lala Classic Crinkle Lawn Collection 2014 Vol-1  and Blossom Lawn Collection 2014. If the Blossom Lawn features floral shapes then  classic highlight the geomatric patterns so Both are the trend setting Summer Collections by Lala. Have a closer look at Blossom Lawn Collection 2014 by Lala Textile designed by Ather Shahzad.

Blossom Lawn Prints by Lala

Best Lawn Designs

Lawn Dresses with Blossom Prints

Lala Collection 2014

Blossom -14

Lala Blossom Lawn Vs Crinkle Classic Lawn

Classic Lawn-14 Vol-1

Classic Crinkle Lawn by Lala

Crinkle Lawn Prints 
Embroidered Crinkle Lawn

Lala Classic Lawn Collection 2014

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