Sana Salman Summer Collection 2014 | Riffat & Sana Designer Party Wear 2014

After the publication of Needlez by Shalimar trend setting spring/summer collection, now we are going to present another exclusive party wear edition by Sana Salman. Riffat and Sana is Pakistani designer label has recently released a new line of designer embroidered Swiss voile, silk, chiffon, net, raw silk ensembles with their alphabetical range " H Series ". Sana Salman is going to exhibit summer collection 2014 on 5th March under the label flagship store at sitara mall, Faisalabad. Sana Salman Designer Party Wear for summer 2014 include a wide range of digital swiss voile dresses with chiffon dupatta, Net silk and shamoise silk dresses, raw silk pants, hand embroidered silk double shirts with raw silk inner, embroidered coat shirts. Indeed, the new embroidered and digital party wear are first-of-its-kind collection of designer dresses which detailed with delicate embroidery and luxe digi prints on royal silk. In party wear range, these summer dresses are filled with femininity, and artistic flavor with diverse color palettes has been highlighted carefully on different edges of garments. Sana Salman designer has brought a versatile printing patterns influenced from ottoman era, french florals, phulkari designs digitally rendered with fancy embroideries. In exclusive summer line, riffat & sana has unveiled a great prĂȘt a porter with affordable designer fashion trend for summer celebration and official socialites and esteemed members gatherings, Give a glance Sana Salman Summer Collection 2014.

Riffat & Sana Summer Collection for Parties

Digital Print Inspired from Ottoman Art

French Floral Prints on Party Wear 2014

 Heavy Embroidered Designer Party Dress by Sana

Sana Salman Summer Designs

Fancy Shirt with Pant in Riffat & Sana Collection

Riffat & Sana Salman Designer Summer Collection '14

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