Uniqe Krinkel Chiffon Lawn Collection 2014 Volume-1 | Ajwa Textile Faisalabad Lawn

Unique crinkle chiffon is product of Ajwa textile pvt Ltd Faisalabad. In krinkel chiffon the authenticity with austere natural fabric highlighted with muted hues, mosaic chic conjures and the idea of spiritual asceticism that has no space for frivolous fashion. The theme of story book dresses with the pleasure of luxury prints are enough to delight your summer closet. The feel of royal Krinkle Chiffon with lawn is even more exciting in summer with sophistication and comfort. This Crinkle Chiffon Lawn collection 2014 is a unique blend of Ajwa textile signature style in embroidered Chiffon dresses. Faisalabad is very famous for fabrics manufacturing and textile products and being the local brand of Faisalabad, Ajwa textile has brought the fine quality and unique dyeing techniques along with enchanting prints; that appeals the audience to grab a Chiffon dress for spring / summer 2014. Because According to Ajwa Lawn slogan "Our designs are self sufficient and do not require any theory for description". So we wouldn't describe the Uniqe Krinkel Chiffon Lawn Dresses, take a closer view and know more.. Stay Tune Clothing.. we will be back with Firdous Lawn Collection 2014-2015 a new series of charming prints, elegant designs and unique trims coming on the road of  fashion with the name of Firdous Summer Collection 2014 in the form of [News Alert].

Krinkle Chiffon Collection-14 byAjwa

Unique Cuts / Plates Long Shirt
Krinkle Printed Lawn
Chiffon Crinkle Embroidered Lawn
Printed Chiffon
Ajwa Lawn Shirt with Crinkle Dupatta
Crinkle Chiffon Lawn in Faisalabad

Ajwa Textile Crinkle Lawn 2014

Krinkel Chiffon Lawn 2014 Volume-1

Uniqe Krinkel Chiffon Lawn by Ajwa Faisalabad Lawn

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